YouTube views are not all real, some are bought

YouTube is the media website that has helped people to gain high amounts of revenue and also popularity to their deserving. Businesses are raised from zero to shining epitome, this means if you are also in possession of business then you need to get on with the YouTube marketing and when you buy YouTube views it can increase your social credibility and take your website or channel to the next level. This is the shortcut to gain popularity, it has own perks and also side effects. Buy YouTube views to increase your credibility amongst your users.

Side effects when you buy YouTube views:

Everything has its side effects such as when you buy YouTube views it cannot always be useful to you especially if you are in the business regulation and also searching to look for the revenue.

  • The views and subscribers may not be eligible because they are not Subs that will keep on viewing your videos but once you buy YouTube views and they are eligible just for once.
  • View count policy of YouTube if catch you having fake views then it means you will get your all your such views trolled down to your real views.

Activity of YouTube against bought YouTube videos:

If you are the one who is part of the campaign in which you buy YouTube videos then you should be aware that the YouTube will bring down all false or “dead” view counts right away. The view counts that are being dropped down from billions, some of these are:

  • Universal this is the home of popular singers that are Nicki Minaj and Rihanna etc.
  • Sony was the other biggest hit of the YouTube crackdown so it means that if you are the one who have gotten hands on campaign of “buy YouTube views” make sure that you don’t become a hit like this company.

When the Universal and Sony were hit, they were left with just the 3 videos on Universal along with dropping of view counts and Sony was left with none of the videos at all. So what you need to do is make sure that you buy real YouTube views that are responding continuously and that they are not dead. This act of YouTube was the huge blow to biggest companies and many of small video makers who were part of buying YouTube views.

Story of Richie rich youngsters because of YouTube:

There are some of the people who are generating revenue with the help of YouTube and one reason behind their success was high number of view counts on his videos. Paul Wallace is the rich boy has posted 11 videos that have received one million plus views on them. These were the naturally generated views. This brings us to the result that if you are uploading videos of good quality then there remains no need for you to buy YouTube video views for getting high visibility and especially popularity. According to Paul being at the right place at right time is what gets you popular in the first place.

The YouTube views are best way to promote your ideas and tutorials but then again when you want to get popularity this is one of the best ways. But when you want to get the website views it is also a very useful tool as the search engine web crawlers constitute high numbers of YouTube views as a successful website. This means that not only your YouTube channel would be promoted but if you have the website this would also be beneficial.

People who buy YouTube views now need to get cautious because the channels are being cracked down. At first people though that their loss of views was a technical fault but then YouTube authorities made it very clear that there is no place for the people who are getting fake likes and views. The thing is that buying the YouTube views will not get liking in your targeted community especially if you are the owner of some business and want to reach the particular market. But if you are just looking a way to show yourself as a most loved person then this campaign related to “buy YouTube views” will work for sure. If you want to know why buy views visit this video